Booth Pond

This is a 40 acre parcel of mixed wetlands, deciduous upland forest, and Booth Pond. The property lies east of the Dowling Village Shopping Center. The trailhead for the property can be found along the right side of the driveway heading into the The Club apartment complex at Dowling Village, which is next to the Lowe’s store. There are four guest parking spots reserved at the trailhead. The property abuts the 90 acre Woonsocket preserve, and the many well established trails connect both sides of the joint conservation area.

The North Smithfield Land Trust and Town of North Smithfield jointly own the 40 acre property. The land was purchased in 2014 by the North Smithfield Land Trust and the Town of North Smithfield, using money from the Town of North Smithfield's Open Space Bond and a Grant from the RI DEM.

Booth Pond is a fishless pond which makes it an ideal larval habitat for dragonflies and damselflies. Recently, beavers have established themselves in the pond, and their activities may be resulting in changes to the water level and environment. The conservation area also helps protect the groundwater that flows to reservoirs in Woonsocket, which supplies both towns with drinking water. In total, the 130 acre combined properties supports a diversity of plant and animal species, and is a great place for spotting birds and a variety of animals. At the upper trail elevation you will find a lookout point that gives a scenic overview of the surrounding area.

The property is intended for passive recreation only, so walkers, hikers and birders are always welcome. Leashed dogs are permitted, but pet waste must be picked up and removed. An informative green trailhead sign provides a map and trail regulations.

Booth Pond Trail Map

Booth Pond Trail Rules

Booth Pond Aerial Photograph