About Us

What We Do...

The North Smithfield Land Trust is engaged in the conservation and preservation of natural resources primarily within the town of North Smithfield. The Land Trust works with local and state officials and private conservation organizations in the coordination of conservation efforts.

The Trust is available to assist landowners in achieving their comprehensive goals or long range plans toward conservation of property or natural resources.

The North Smithfield Land Trust works in a variety of ways to educate the community about the benefits of natural resource preservation.

How and Why...

The North Smithfield Land Trust accepts gifts, usually of land or development rights thereon, from individuals who wish to see their lands preserved. In granting development rights to the Trust, property owners may retain possession of the land while ensuring that their conservation goals are being met in perpetuity. The Land Trust can also accept other tax deductible donations which can be put toward advancement of its programs or outright purchases of land parcels for preservation.

The advantages of donating to the Trust are numerous. Most important of all, donors can feel secure that their conservation goals are being met and that their property will be responsibly managed.

What we Don't Do...

We do not protest, lobby, or sue (unless someone clearly violates our property rights). While we individually care about environmental issues, we as an organization prefer to direct our efforts solely toward the preservation of land and natural resources.

The North Smithfield Land Trust will not be affiliated with any local or national political party nor endorse any candidate for public office.