The North Smithfield Land Trust

The North Smithfield Land Trust is a private, nonprofit corporation established to preserve and protect land in the town of North Smithfield, Rhode Island.  The Land Trust was established in 1992.

The beauty of the land and natural resources of our town are our legacy from generations past. With that spirit in mind, we encourage North Smithfield’s residents and landowners to work in a cooperative effort to maintain, preserve and protect Rhode Island's natural resources for generations to come.

The North Smithfield Land Trust owns four properties, Booth Pond, Rocky Hill, Mattity Road and Village Way.  See the Properties pages for details about each parcel.

On this website you will learn the many helpful and rewarding ways that we can work together toward this goal.  We welcome you to become a member, donor, contributor and supporter.  We take great pride in our town and its historic character and beauty.

Please join us to maintain our resources, visit, walk and hike on our properties and enjoy the Rhode Island outdoors.